Our Quality Policy is described in what follows:

  • To always maintain client satisfaction at the maximum level, continuously improving the services that we offer and the activities that we undertake.
  • To conform to the laws and standards that affect us, to follow the points of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard and the requirements of our clients.
  • To ensure that these points of the quality policy are known, understood and fulfilled by the staff.
  • To provide our staff with the material resources and adequate training in order to achieve the greatest satisfaction of our clients.
  • To continuously improve the services that we offer to our clients, also improving the internal processes of our organisation.

Prevention of occupational risks

Siurell Obra Civil considers the undertaking of its operations in full conditions of security for all the staff that are involved in its works as a priority objective, with respect for their health and life constituting a fundamental value an requiremente. In order to obtain the required level of security, Siurell Obra Civil contracts with companies that have their own or joint prevention services that are audited and certified.

This commitment to workplace safety translates into a high fulfiment of the obligations arising form the Prevention of Occupational Risks Law in force, constituting one of the added values of Siurell Obra Civil in its realitionships with its clients.

Antonio Martínez Hernán-Gómez

Manager Siurell Obra Civil S.L.